Year Name Author
2018 Basics of algorithmization and programming. Visualization in PascalABC.NET Dudko O. V., Prudnikova L.I.
2018 Modeling of Gas Flow through a Granular Bed of a Thermal Storage Phase-Change Material Levin V. A., Lutsenko N. A., Fetsov S. S.
2018 Technology of interaction of IACPaaS cloud platform services with external software Fedorischev L. A., Gribova V. V., Moskalenko P. M., Timchenko V. A.
2018 Parallel algorithm of inscribing figures into acceptability region Nazarov D. A.
2018 Medical diagnosis ontology for intelligent decision support systems Gribova V. V., Okun D. B., Petryaeva M. V., Shalfeeva E. A.
2018 Structure of Ultrathin Polycrystalline Iron Films Grown on SiO2/Si(001) Balashev V. ., Korobtsov V. V.
2018 An Intelligent Cloud Service for Training Diagnostics Skills Gribova V. V., Ostrovskii G.E.
2018 The technology of declarative-component development of viable intelligent systems Gribova V. V., Kleschev A. S., Moskalenko P. M., Shalfeeva E. A., Timchenko V. A.
2018 Numerical model of two-dimensional heterogeneous combustion in porous media under natural convection or forced filtration Lutsenko N. A.
2018 Studying Resonance Oscillations in the Eastern Part of the Posyet Bay Smirnov S. V., I. O. Yaroshchuk, A. P. Leontyev, A. N. Shvyrev, A. A. Pivovarov, and A. N. Samchenko
2018 On the Motion of Shock Waves with a Constant Velocity in Multimodulus Elastic Media Dudko O. V., Ragozina V. E.
2018 The perturbation method in the problem about compressive and shear impact for the nonlinear elastic half-space Ivanova Y. E., Ragozina V. E.
2018 Modeling of Object-Oriented Programs with Petri Net Structured Objects Golenkov E. A., Kharitonov D. I., Tarasov G. V., D. Kharitonov, G. Tarasov, E. Golenkov