Non-steady-state photo-EMF interferometer fordetection of mechanical oscillations in transparentscattering objects


Кульчин Ю. Н., Ромашко Р. В., Bryushinin Mikhail, Kulikov Vladimir, Petrov Alexander, Sokolov Igor

Статьи в журналах

Aplied Optics


Aplied Optics, Vol. 59, Issue 8, pp. 2370-2374 (2020)




M. A. Bryushinin, V. V. Kulikov, A. A. Petrov, I. A. Sokolov, R. V. Romashko, and Yu. N. Kulchin. Non-steady-state photo-EMF interferometer for detection of mechanical oscillations in transparent scattering objects. // Appl. Opt. 59, 2370-2374 (2020)

The operation of an adaptive non-steady-state photo-electromagnetic field (EMF) sensor is studied in an interferometric arrangement including a diffuse scattering object–fiber optic plate. The mechanical oscillations of this plate induce the strains and stresses of the medium, which modulates the phase of the propagating light wave across the plate. The resonant frequencies of the mechanical system and the distribution of the phase modulation amplitude across the plate’s surface are measured. The minimal detectable stress amplitude is estimated.

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