Laboratory of Computer Graphics


Head of the Laboratory - Dr. Sc. (Engineering Sciences) Valery Bobkov


All employees  - 8.

Researcher – 5, of them: Professor (Technical Sciences) – 1, Ph. D. (Technical Sciences) - 3

Engineers - 3


The laboratory was founded in 1981. The subject matter of the laboratory at the initial stage included computer graphics and its application for automation of scientific research and applications related to CAD and geoinformatics.At the next stage, studies were conducted to develop methods, algorithms, and create a system for visualization large amounts of spatial data with the use of multiprocessor data processing.In particular, a system for visualizationsynoptic data was created. Recently, the focus is on research in the field of computer vision with an orientation toward application of results in the tasks of navigation of autonomous robots (in conjunction with the Institute of Marine Technology Problems FEB RAS) and the reconstruction of spatial scenes from images.


The main directions of scientific research


Computer vision: restoration of motion and 3D reconstruction of objects from images, for both static and dynamic scenes.


Computer graphics: modeling and visualization of spatial scenes using distributed-parallel computations on computer clusters, including hybrid supercomputers.


Development of a simulator for autonomous underwater robots using parallel-distributed computing on a hybrid computing architecture.



Main results


A system of 3D visualization and analysis of atmospheric and ocean physical fields is designed to construct visual models of synoptic objects (primarily tropical cyclones), to study their properties and spatial-temporal characteristics.


Several modifications of the visual navigation method for autonomous underwater robots using the video stream of stereo images have been developed, based on the application of the computer vision methodology (for static scenes).


A working version of simulator for autonomous underwater robots has been developed (in conjunction with Institute of Marine Technology Problems FEB RAS).


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