Department of Surface Physics



Department was founded in 1991 on the base of Laboratory of Controlled Microstructure Growth supervised by Correspondent Member of RAS V.G. Lifshits.

Initially, the Laboratory was a part of the Department of Artificial Intelligence, which was founded in 1974 by professor Ph.G. Staros.

Total number of employees 52
Researchers 33
Dr. Sc. 8
PhD 24


Main research directions

  • Physics of submonolayer microstructures on silicon
  • Design of new semiconductor devices and materials based on ultra-high-vacuum technologies


Department serves as a base for

  • Center for joint investigations "Far-Eastern Center for Diagnostics of Solid Surfaces"
  • Scientific-Educational Center "Nanophysics and Nanotechnology" of the Far-Eastern National University, including University Department of Physics and Technology of Materials for Semiconductor Microelectronics (founded in 1989 by Correspondent Member of RAS V.G. Lifshits)
  • Joint Laboratory with Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology 

Department actively participates in the long-term programs and contracts with universities and research institutes of Germany, Hungary, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.



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