Laboratory of Intelligent Systems named after A. S. Kleshchev


Head D. Sc. (Engineering Sciences) Valeriya Gribova


Total 18 (researchers -12)
D. Sc. 3
Ph. D. 11

The history of the Laboratory started with Artificial Intelligence System Laboratory founded in 1974 by Prof. F. Staros. For more than 30 years the Laboratory was headed by Prof. Alexander S. Kleschev, Honorary Scientist of the Russian Federation.

Areas of research

  • Knowledge bases and ontologies
  • Applied intelligent systems
  • Software development tools based on methods of artificial intelligence
  • Solving complex problems using massively parallel computing systems

Principal results

  • Platform which supports unified technological principles for design, implementation and use of applied and instrumental intelligent services
  • Models of ontologies and knowledge bases for a number of domains (medicine, mathematics, programming technology, information security, technical diagnostics, agriculture, etc.)
  • Software tools for development of interactive virtual environments
  • Software tools for transport modeling and formation of multi-regional models of freight flows
  • Specialized shell for the creation of intelligent diagnostic medical systems
  • Cloud service for collective interactive construction and verification of intuitive proofs of mathematical theorems

Key publications

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