Laboratory of Hybrid Structures (№ 102)



The head of the Laboratory –

Dr. Sc (Phys.-Math. Sciences)




Total - 5,

Researchers - 4,

Dr. Sc. - 1,

PhD - 3.




Main research directions


  • Study of the formation processes of multilayer heterostructures under ultrahigh vacuum conditions.
  • Determination of electrical characteristics and other physical properties of the grown nanostructures.
  • Development of the molecular-beam epitaxy method for obtaining new objects and materials for physical research and creating hybrid structures for elements of micro-, nano-, and optoelectronics.


Principal results

  • It has been established that the tunnel-thin SiO2 layer obtained by the chemical oxidation of silicon is thermally and chemically stable with respect to the Fe flux over a wide range of temperatures (20-450° C), which makes it possible to use it for the formation of hybrid structures of the ferromagnet-dielectric- semiconductor.
  • The conditions for the formation of nanosized iron islands and thin magnetite films on a chemically oxidized silicon surface have been determined.
  • The regularities of planar current transfer in the Fe3O4/SiO2/Si system are determined as a function of temperature, conductivity type, and doping level of the silicon substrate.
  • Specific features of the lateral photovoltaic effect in Fe/SiO2/Si and Fe3O4/SiO2/Si hybrid structures depending on the type of conductivity of the silicon substrate have been revealed.

 Representative publications

1.    V.V. Balashev, V.V. Korobtsov, T.A. Pisarenko, E.A. Chusovitin, K.N. Galkin.  Study of Ultrathin Iron Silicide Films Grown by Solid Phase Epitaxy on the Si(001) Surface // Physics of the Solid State, 2010, 52, No 2, pp. 397-403.

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