Formation of Mg2Si at high temperatures by fast deposition of Mg on Si(111) with wedge-shaped temperature distribution


Галкин К. Н., Галкин Н. Г., Гуральник А. С., Доценко С. А., Ильященко В. М., Китань С. А., Маслов А. М., Чернев И. М., Шевлягин А. В., А.Ю. Устинов, Е.А. Коблова, А.В. Герасименко

Applied Surface Science, Q1

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Applied Surface Science

Netherlands, Amsterdam, Elsevier

Applied Surface Science, 439 (2018) 282-284




Gouralnik A. S. et al. Formation of Mg2Si at high temperatures by fast deposition of Mg on Si (111) with wedge-shaped temperature distribution //Applied Surface Science. – 2018. – Т. 439. – С. 282-284.

Two films grown by fast deposition of Mg on Si(111) surfaces with temperature distributions within 365–395 C and 545– 609 C were studied by Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and atom force microscopy (AFM). The film grown at 365–395 C contains crystalline textured Mg2Si. The mechanism of Mg2Si formation at high temperature is considered. The role of a Mg atom lifetime before evaporation from the Si surface at high temperatures is emphasized. The crucial requirement for the Mg2Si growth at high temperatures is a sufficiently high deposition rate providing condensation of Mg on the surface and further formation of the silicide.