A room-temperature-operated Si LED with β-FeSi2 nanocrystals in the active layer: μW emission power at 1.5 μm


Балаган С. А., Галкин К. Н., Галкин Н. Г., Горошко Д. Л., Доценко С. А., Чусовитин Е. А., Шевлягин А. В., A. K. Gutakovskii, A. V. Latyshev, M. Iinuma, Y. Terai

Journal of Applied Physics, Q2

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Journal of Applied Physics

USA, Maryland, AIP Publishing

Journal of Applied Physics 121, 113101 (2017)

113101-1 - 113101-9



Shevlyagin A. V. et al. A room-temperature-operated Si LED with β-FeSi2 nanocrystals in the active layer: μ W emission power at 1.5 μ m //Journal of Applied Physics. – 2017. – Т. 121. – №. 11. – С. 113101.

This article describes the development of an Si-based light-emitting diode with β-FeSi2 nanocrystals embedded in the active layer. Favorable epitaxial conditions allow us to obtain a direct band gap type-I band alignment Si/β-FeSi2 nanocrystals/Si heterostructure with optical transition at a wavelength range of 1500–1550 nm at room temperature. Transmission electron microscopy data reveal strained, defect-free β-FeSi2 nanocrystals of diameter 6 and 25 nm embedded in the Si matrix. Intense electroluminescence was observed at a pumping current density as low as 0.7 A/cm2. The device reached an optical emission power of up to 25 μW at 9 A/cm2 with an external quantum efficiency of 0.009%. Watt–Ampere characteristic linearity suggests that the optical power margin of the light-emitting diode has not been exhausted. Band structure calculations explain the luminescence as being mainly due to radiative recombination in the large β-FeSi2 nanocrystals resulting from the realization of an indirect-to-direct band gap electronic configuration transformation arising from a favorable deformation of nanocrystals. The direct band gap structure and the measured short decay time of the luminescence of several tens of ns give rise to a fast operation speed for the device. Thus a method for developing a silicon-based photonic integrated circuit, combining complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology functionality and near-infrared light emission, is reported here.