Extended near-IR Spectral Sensitivity and Electroluminescence Properties of Silicon Diode Structure with GaSb/Si Composite Layer


Галкин К. Н., Галкин Н. Г., Горошко Д. Л., Чернев И. М., Чусовитин Е. А., Шевлягин А. В.

Solid State Phenomena

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Solid State Phenomena

Switzerland, Stafa-Zuerich, Trans Tech Publications

Solid State Phenomena 247 (2016) 61-65



Goroshko D. L. et al. Extended near-IR spectral sensitivity and electroluminescence properties of silicon diode structure with GaSb/Si composite layer //Solid State Phenomena. – Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2016. – Т. 247. – С. 61-65.

n array of GaSb nanocrystallites (NCs) was formed on Si(001) substrate by solid-phase epitaxy at 500 °C. Owing to the embedded GaSb NCs, p+‑Si/NC‑GaSb/n‑Si mesa diode spectral sensitivity has extended up to 1.6 µm at room temperature, and its integral sensitivity has increased by 4–5% in the wavelength range of 1200–1600 nm, as compared to a conventional Si diode. This result was achieved by embedding only 10 nm of GaSb in the form of NCs inside a silicon matrix. In addition, we could obtain a significant electroluminescence (EL) signal at 120 K in a very wide wavelength range from 1.3 to 2.1 µm (0.95–0.59 eV). The EL spectrum has a broad maximum at 1700 nm (0.73 eV). The threshold pumping current density was as low as 0.75 A/cm2.