Formation of bulk and nanocrystallite layers of GaSb on silicon


Solid State Phenomena, Scopus

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Solid State Phenomena

Switzerland, Stafa-Zuerich, Trans Tech Publications

Solid State Phenomena, 245 (2016) 72-79


Goroshko D. L. et al. Formation of bulk and nanocrystallite layers of GaSb on silicon //Solid State Phenomena. – Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2016. – Т. 245. – С. 72-79.

Formation of GaSb by means of solid phase epitaxy of amorphous Ga:Sb (1:1) layer on Si (001) substrate at 500 °C has been studied. At amorphous layer thickness of 16 nm, a continuous nanocrystalline layer of GaSb was formed. Decreasing of amorphous layer thickness up to 0.8 nm resulted in formation of separated GaSb nanocrystallites (NCs), which had a mean lateral size of 30–80 nm and mean height of 2–3 nm, while their concentration reached 3×109 cm-2. Atomic force microscopy and low energy electron diffraction data showed that GaSb NCs could be fully embedded into silicon lattice by deposition of 25-nm-thick silicon layer at 650 °C. Nevertheless, on a surface of the silicon layer, some holes have been formed because of NCs moving toward to the surface. The holes formation can be almost completely suppressed by deposition of additional 25-nm-thick silicon layer at 500 °C – so-called “stop-layer”.