Formation of a Thin Continuous GaSb Film on Si(001) by Solid Phase Epitaxy


Галкин К. Н., Галкин Н. Г., Горошко Д. Л., Доценко С. А., Субботин Е. Ю., Чусовитин Е. А., Чусовитина С. В., Anton Gutakovskii

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Chusovitin E. et al. Formation of a thin continuous GaSb film on Si (001) by solid phase epitaxy //nanomaterials. – 2018. – Т. 8. – №. 12. – С. 987.

Nanocrystalline GaSb films were grown on Si(001) from the stoichiometric Ga–Sb mixture using solid-phase epitaxy at temperatures of 200–500 °C. Use of the solid-phase epitaxy method allowed the suppression of Ga surface diffusion and prevention of intense Sb desorption. At the annealing temperature of 300 °C, a 14-nm-thick GaSb film aggregates, while a 20-nm-thick GaSb film remains continuous with a roughness of 1.74 nm. A GaSb film with a thickness of 20 nm consists of crystalline grains with a size of 9–16 nm. They were compressed by ~2%. For some GaSb grains, new epitaxial relationships have been found: GaSb ||Si and GaSb ||Si , GaSb ||Si and GaSb ||Si , and GaSb ||Si and GaSb ||Si .