Thermoelectric Properties of Nanostructured Material Based on Si and GaSb


Балаган С. А., Галкин К. Н., Галкин Н. Г., Горошко Д. Л., Доценко С. А., Субботин Е. Ю., Чусовитин Е. А., Anton K. Gutakovskii, Vladimir V. Khovaylo, Andrey A. Usenko, Vladimir U. Nazarov



Goroshko D. et al. Thermoelectric properties of nanostructured material based on Si and GaSb //Defect and Diffusion Forum. – Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2018. – Т. 386. – С. 102-109.

Successively forming GaSb islands by solid-phase epitaxy and covering them with a silicon layer, a nanostructured material containing 4 layers of GaSb nanocrystals (NCs) was grown on Si (111) surface. Due to a small size of the NCs (average height ~ 1.7 nm, average lateral size ~ 14 nm) and, as a consequence, to a significant quantum-size effect, a high electrical conductivity (~ 100 Ω-1·cm-1 at 600 K) together with a low thermal conductivity (~ 1 – 1.5 W·m-1·K-1 at 600 K) was obtained in the nanostructured material Si/NC_GaSb/Si. As a result, the thermoelectric figure of merit of the material has reached 0.82 at 600 K.