Structural and parametric identification of soft sensors models for process plants based on robust regression and information criteria


Automation and Remote Control, Q4

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Automation and Remote Control

Tortola British Virgin Islands, Road Town, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Vol. 78. Issue 4



Digo G.B., Digo N.B., Kozlov A.V., Samotylova S.A., Torgashov A.Yu. Structural and Parametric Identification of Soft Sensors Models for Process Plants Based on Robust Regression and Information Criteria // Automation and remote control. – 2017. – Volume 78, Issue 4. – P. 724-731.

Approach to the solution of a problem of structural and parametrical identification of models of the soft sensors (SS) of technological plants on the basis of robust regression and information criteria is proposed. The robust regression is used for model parameter estimation, and choosing the best model structure in the sense of information criteria. SS is developed by means of the proposed approach which was tested in control systems for optimization of the process operation of gas separation section of fluid catalytic cracking unit of “OJSC Gazpromneft-Omsk Refinery.”