Prospects for silicon–silicide integrated photonics


Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Q3

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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics

UK, Bristol, IOP Publishing

Nikolay G. Galkin et al 2017 Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56 05DA01



Galkin N. G. et al. Prospects for silicon–silicide integrated photonics //Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. – 2017. – Т. 56. – №. 5S1. – С. 05DA01.

The basic approaches for developing silicon electronic–photonic integrated circuits based on Si planar complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor technology have been reviewed. It was established that, to realize optical interconnects, heteroepitaxial growth technologies and/or direct wafer bonding technology must be developed for different types of substrates. This article proposes a new approach, which uses a silicon p–i–n diode with embedded β-FeSi2 nanocrystals as a basic element for the realization of near-infrared light emission, photodetection and modulation. The hitherto proposed three-dimensional (3D) stacking of silicon multichips with vertical optical inputs/outputs must be used in monolithic silicon–silicide electronic–photonic integrated circuits on bulk silicon substrates.