Study of optical and luminescence properties of silicon — semiconducting silicide — silicon multilayer nanostructures


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EPJ Web of Conferences

France, Les Ulis, EDP Sciences

EPJ Web of Conferences 132, 02006 (2017)


Galkin N. G. et al. Study of optical and luminescence properties of silicon—semiconducting silicide—silicon multilayer nanostructures //EPJ Web of Conferences. – EDP Sciences, 2017. – Т. 132. – С. 02006.

By method of in situ differential spectroscopy it was established that at the formation of monolayer Fe, Cr, Ca, Mg silicide and Mg stannide islands on the atomically clean silicon surface an appearance of loss peaks characteristic for these materials in the energy range of 1.1-2.6 eV is observed. An optimization of growth processes permit to grow monolithic double nanoheterostructures (DNHS) with embedded Fe, Cr and Ca nanocrystals, and also polycrystalline DNHS with NC of Mg silicide and Mg stannide and Ca disilicide. By methods of optical spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy it was shown that embedded NC form intensive peaks in the reflectance spectra at energies up to 2.5 eV and Raman peaks. In DNS with β-FeSi2 NC a photoluminescence and electroluminescence at room temperature were firstly observed.