Hybrid Au@Si microspheres produced via laser irradiation in liquid for nonlinear photonics


Гурбатов С. О., Кучмижак А. А., Мицай Е. В., Сергеев А. А., Шевлягин А. В., Владислав Пузиков, Артём Черепахин, Наталья Тарасенка, Сергей Кулинич

Optics and Laser Technology, Q1

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Stanislav O. Gurbatov, Vladislav Puzikov, Artem Cherepakhin, Eugeny Mitsai, Natalie Tarasenka, Alexander Shevlyagin, Aleksandr Sergeev, Sergei A. Kulinich, Aleksandr A. Kuchmizhak / Hybrid Au@Si microspheres produced via laser irradiation in liquid for nonlinear photonics // Optics & Laser Technology 2022, 147, 107666.

Hybrid nanomaterials with chemical composition integrating light-emitting low-loss semiconductors with plasmon-active metals are highly demanded for optoelectronics, nanophotonics and sensors. However, there is a still lack for high-performing and inexpensive methods allowing facile integration of plasmonic and all-dielectric concepts within unified practically relevant nanostructures and ensuring their production at gram-per-hour yield. Here, we report one-step synthesis of hybrid Au@Si nanomaterial with unique composition and morphology via scalable and high-performing pulsed laser irradiation of isopropanol solution containing commercial Si micro-powder and AuCl4- ions. The resulting hybrid nanomaterial represents sub-micron nanocrystalline Si grains embedded into Au surrounding forming micro-spheres (MSs) additionally decorated with Au nanoparticles. Such unique structure and chemical composition of the Au@Si MSs permits to efficiently absorb and enhance incident radiation within rather broad spectral range spanning from visible to near-IR making the nanomaterial promising for plasmon-mediated amplification of linear and nonlinear optical effects. Efficient generation of broadband hot-carrier-induced photoluminescence of nanocrystalline Si grains upon IR femtosecond-laser sub-nJ pump proves the produced nanomaterial as advanced nanophotonic platform for nano-spectroscopy and sensing.