Multiple Access Center for Satellite Monitoring of the Environment of FEB RAS

Head of the CenterAcademician V.A. Levin


Main research directions

Monitoring of dynamic objects and processes of the ocean and the atmosphere on the basis of satellite monitoring of the environment to render information support of scientific research and other activities of the FEB RAS Institutes and other organizations in the field of ocean and atmosphere physics, oceanology, meteorology and marine biology.


Principal results

  • Supply of instantaneous, average and compositional fields of: sea surface temperatures, thermal structures, surface currents velocities, dynamic and spatial characteristics of oceanic eddies, thermal images of land, clouds, etc. through www.satellite.dvo.ru.
  • Satellite information provided by the Center is successfully used by the TINRO (Pacific Institute of Fishing Industry and Oceanography) for making monthly, quarterly and yearly forecasts of oceanological conditions, as well as forecasts of oceanological conditions of fishing: herring, pollack, salmon, saury and king crab (fishing season forecasts).
  • In fact, all yearly oceanographic overseas expeditions, both arranged by FEB RAS and international ones, get online satellite information support for pinpoint navigation to the objects under study - eddies, flows, currents, as well as for scientific research.
  • Within the framework of the UNESCO IOC/WESTPAC/NGSST project a method was created to calculate thermal oceanic structures in the form of dominant orientations of brightness contrasts used for estimating directions of surface current speed and automatic eddy recognition.