Full-Optical Two-Channel Adaptive System for Detecting Microcantilever Vibrations


Ефимов Т. А., Кульчин Ю. Н., Ромашко Р. В.

Статьи в журналах

Journal of Russian Laser Research

Springer New York Consultants Bureau

V. 37. – N. 1. – P. 102-106.




We demonstrate a full-optical two-channel system for measuring mechanical vibrations of microoscillators, which is based on adaptive holographic interferometer using multiwave mixing in a photorefractive crystal. The orthogonal geometry of dynamic hologram recording makes possible independent operation of the measurement channels. The absolute detection limit of the system to cantilever vibrations in a channel amounted to 2.6·10−6 nm·W1/2·Hz−1/2. We tested the system in simultaneous detection of vibrations of two cantilevers with dimensions 215×40×15 μm.