Year Name Author
2019 Cloud environment for development and use of software systems for clinical medicine and education Gribova V. V., Moskalenko P. M., Okun D. B., Petryaeva M. V.
2019 Ontological model of knowledge for recuperative treatment as a resource of medical intelligent Gribova V. V., Okun D. B.
2019 Modeling of solid fuel gasification in combined charge of low-temperature gas generator for high-speed ramjet engine Levin V. A., Lutsenko N. A., Salgansky E.A., L.S. Yanovskiy
2019 On modeling the process of extraction of rare metals from metal-containing systems by the method of filtration combustion Lutsenko N. A., Salgansky E.A.
2019 On two-dimensional gas flows in granular thermal-storage phase change materials Fetsov S. S.
2019 Declarative-component approach to the development of an interactive system for verification of mathematical proofs Gribova V. V., Moskalenko P. M., Shalfeeva E. A., Timchenko V. A.
2019 The Problem of the Partial Discharge Sources Enumeration in the HV Devices Insulation Kinsht N. V., Kinsht N., Petrunko N.
2019 Numerical Model of Time-Dependent Gas Flows Through Bed of Granular Phase Change Material Fetsov S. S., Lutsenko N. A.
2019 The methods and the IACPaaS Platform tools for semantic representation of knowledge and development of declarative components for intelligent systems Fedorischev L. A., Gribova V. V., Kleschev A. S., Moskalenko P. M., Shalfeeva E. A., Timchenko V. A.
2019 A Concept for a Heterogeneous Biomedical Information Warehouse Gribova V. V., Moskalenko P. M., Shahgeldyan C.I., Gmar' D.V., Geltser B.I.
2019 Spherically symmetric shock waves in materials with a nonlinear stress-strain dependence Ivanova Y. E., Ragozina V. E., Ragozina V.E., Ivanova Yu.E.
2019 Mathematical Modeling the Nonlinear 1D Dynamics of Elastic Heteromodular and Porous Materials Dudko O. V., Lapteva A. A., Ragozina V. E.
2019 Influence of gas compressibility on gas flow through bed of granular phase change material Fetsov S. S., Lutsenko N. A.