Center "Laser Methods of Investigating Condensed Media and Biological Objects and Environmental Monitoring" (MAC LAMI)

Head of the CenterAcademician Yu. N. Kulchin


Main research directions

  • Investigation into optical properties of natural and artificial nanostructures and into the interaction between laser radiation and nanostructures.
  • Development of new laser methods of creating nanomaterials.
  • Investigation into the interaction between laser radiation and biological objects.
  • Application of laser spectroscopy methods for investigating condensed media, including the development of new laser research technologies.
  • Application of laser technologies for atmospheric and oceanic probing, including the development of new laser methods.

Principal results

  1. Research was made into the passage of aerosol to the water area of Peter the Great Bay and to the atmosphere above the city of Vladivostok in the period of sandstorms in the Gobi desert in 2005-2006. Aerosol concentration during the most active period was estimated, and aerosol paths (altitudinal distribution) were determined.
  2. Sub-satellite lidar measurements are taken. A comparative analysis of aerosol probing data obtained with a MODIS scanner and with a space lidar installed on the CALIPSO satellite is made. The works are performed within the framework of the international project No. B-1063 "Atmospheric Aerosol and Ozone Monitoring in the Commonwealth of Independent States" being implemented by the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) using the lidar station network (Cis LiNet).
  3. In the Center's lidar station an ozone lidar is being installed to measure the altitudinal distribution of the concentration of tropospheric and stratospheric ozone and meteorological parameters of the atmosphere.
  4. The lidar station is a part of the CisNet lidar network, which operates within the international ISTC project.
  5. A brand new class of silicon sponge spicula biocrystals was discovered and investigated.
  6. A research was made into the processes of dynamic scattering of coherent radiation in liquid-phase nanocomposites.