Petryaeva Margaret Vyacheslavovna

PhD (Med.)
scientific employee

Scientific interests

  • Specialized program models and systems

General information
Dr. M. Petryaeva graduated the Vladivostok State Medical Institute (VSMI) in 1988. During her post-graduated education she was working as a district physician in Polyclinic ь 6 and then (from 1994 to 1999) at faculty of therapeutics ь 3 of the VSMI. Since 1999 till present she is a researcher of the Laboratory of Medical Expert Systems, the Expert System Department, the Institute for Automation and Control Processes, FEBRAS. In 2001 M. Petryaeva defended PhD thesis "Influence of changed human magnetosensitivity on thecoursis and outcomes of pneumonies" (candidate of medical sciences).

Contact information
Laboratory of Intelligent Systems
Institute of Automation and Control Processes
5, Radio St., Vladivostok, 690041, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 4232 314 001