Velichko Andrei Sergeevich

PhD (Phys.-Math.)
scientific employee

General information
Education - Far Eastern National University, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, department of mathematical in economics, specialization 06.18.00 "Mathematical methods and operations research in economics", qualification "economist-mathematician" (1994-1999).

Candidate of science (PhD) in Physics and Mathematics, specialization "Mathematical modelling, numerical methods and complexes of programs. (05.13.18)."
Dissertation "Algorithms of primal-dual cuts for solving structured linear programming problems", 01/30/2004, Institute for Automation and Control Processes, Russian Academy of Science, Vladivostok.

Area of research: numerical methods in mathematical programming, large-scale problems, parallel supercomputing; input-output, interregional models in regional economics; operations research in corporate finance and management; econometric modeling and multivariate statistical analysis in micro- and macroeconomics;

Keywords: optimization decomposition "cutting plane" "block-angular" "block-diagonal" bordered "large-scale" parallel

Contact information
tel.: +7(4232)310404